Sweet teams are made of these

Photo credit: Charlie Clift (Germaine Walker)

Photo credit: Charlie Clift (Germaine Walker)



She never grew into her forehead.

Meg worked as a graphic designer in Birmingham for almost 3 years before packing up her stuff to move to the big smoke, and try her hand at art direction.

After winning a pencil last year and attending the New Blood Academy, Meg won a full D&AD scholarship to attend SCA, where she has been able to study what she loves for the first time. While she was there, she also had another stroke of luck, and found the Pop to her Mega.

When she's not working, she's drinking wine, spray painting walls or sleeping. She sleeps a lot.

She also has bangs to hide her massive forehead.

See some of Meg's other work at www.meganegan.com.

Photo credit: Charlie Clift (Germaine Walker)

Photo credit: Charlie Clift (Germaine Walker)



she might have more nicknames than anyone else in the world.

Pops, Popso, Pop, Popsicle, Popstar, Popperoo, Poppadom, Poo-poo-la-la, Copy Poppy, The Poppywriter, Saffy, Smu, 'A Young Hans Christian Andersen'... 

In twenty-five years, Pops has picked up a lot of nicknames, so it was no surprise that her creative partnership came with an absolutely MEGA one. She's been putting the 'pops' into Megapops since January '18. 

While she may have won Alexandra Taylor's coveted art direction competition, Pops has always been more interested in words. And most things that begin with the letter 'p', including pizza, Prosecco, Pentel pens, partying and people.

After a semi-successful stand-up performance, she might be hitting the circuit again! So keep your eyes peeled. For now, she’s working on a comedy called, ‘Two bottles of wine and a pot of hummus’.

When she’s not hanging out with Mega or writing words, she’s most likely in the pub, teaching crazy Street Dance moves to littluns in South London, or hanging out with some cool old ladies as part of South London Cares and Contact the Elderly.